Anya Krotova

Stylist/ Colorist

How and why did you start doing hair?

Hair is something I've messed around with since I was a kid, from cutting my dolls hair to painting my own with Crayola markers. Growing up i always knew I wantedto do something that involved some sort of visual art. After trying out college at 16 while taking fine art and photography courses, I realized I needed something more interactive . That's when my mom stepped in and pushed me to go to beauty school . I guess mothers are always right , I've been in love with the craft ever since.   

If you could do hair for any famous person, living or dead, whom would it be?

Bob Ross or Dolly Parton 

Who is your personal style icon?

The Olsen twins, don't ask which I can't tell them apart.

If you could go back in time and live in any time period, in which period would you choose to live?

When did unicorns rule the world ? Whatever time that was.

If you were an alcoholic beverage, what would you be?

Mezcal on the rocks.

If you could bring one album with you to a desert island, which would you bring?

Willie Nelson's Always on my mind.