“A psychedelic wow that serves up the free love, plunging necklines, androgynous boys, and lusty lezzies of the era with a narcotized abandon.” Village Voice

“It’s a B-movie at its best; exploitation with brains.” Montreal Film Journal

“An outrageously entertaining cult classic, and probably one of the most bizarre movies ever produced by a major Hollywood studio.” TV Guide

The Slumber Party Film Society is goes back in time to when our parents were kids to screen Beyond the Valley of the Dolls to see if Russ Meyer (“The King of the Nudies”) has any feminist merit.

When three female rock’n’rollers travel to Hollywood to claim an inheritance, they meet up with a kinky music promoter who turns them on to a whole new scene. At first, all seems very exciting and the naïve trio becomes submerged in his dangerous tinseltown underworld-before they discover his true motives.

Slumber Party Film Society was formed by real life best friends Kate and Lacey, who encourage you to feel deep and serious things about “silly” and “dumb” “girl” movies.