100% OUTER SPACE PARTY (now to be called pt. I) happened March 13, 2015.

Upon doing this event that had so much of everything, we realized that OUTER SPACE is huge and ever-expanding, and we only skimmed the thin veil of spacetime. 
We knew that we had to continue the journey, wherever it may take us.

It will take us to August 28, 2016 at Littlefield.
Doors at 7:30
Show 8-12

TICKETS: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1281605

Keep on the look out for updates. 

-Andrea Derdzinski (Black Holes Presentation)
-Emily Sanford (Astrophysicist)
-Sarah Pearson (The Explosive Origin of Our Elements - Space with Sarah) 
-OZET (Mars TheatreSongVibes - https://www.facebook.com/the.ozet/)
-Angora Peaks (Space Burlesque)
-Pepper Laramie (Space Erotica)
-Joseph Hendel (This - https://www.facebook.com/hendel/videos/10101255503293134/)
-Smhoak Mosheein (Space Loudness)
-Tom Swirly (Magical Space Tunes and Lasers)
-Pam Finch (Space DJ)
-Eric Magnus and Gina Murdock (Space Pierrot Confessional)
-Cameron Kelly McLeod and Chrissy Reilly (Space Photo Zone)
-Celia Muller (Space Cake)
-Bruno Vianna (Space Documentary)
-Brian Fiddyment (Space Comedy)
-Adam Kruckenberg (Game of Live Interactive Installation - Theoretical)
-Jamie Ruddy (Close Encounters of the Radio Kind - 
Converse with an extraterrestrial with the help of rudimentary artificial intelligence. 

Hosted by the illustrious Bastard Keith, who will be in full outer space entertainer mode.