Rock & roll your way over to the Brooklyn Museum for an evening of seriously un-serious art history lectures inspired by Jeremy Deller’s “Iggy Pop Life Class” exhibition. There, we’ll celebrate the unruly and unconventional culture exemplified by Iggy as we cheer along with beer and wine.

The evening’s lectures include:
* The History of Performance Art
* The Evolving Art of Masculinity
* The History of American Music

For those of you who enjoy making art as much as looking at it, we'll have an Instagram art contest with the chance to win fun prizes.

For those of you who enjoy beer and wine, there will be a cash bar for your enjoyment.

Admission is 100% free. Plus the whole Brooklyn Museum is open until 10pm! 

Brought to you by the The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies(SASS)- free and fun history lectures, every second Tuesday, in a bar.

Featuring lectures by Anna WilcoxLarissa HaydenAbigail Beth Entsmingerand Seth Timothy Larson