“Bloodline: A Labor of Labor” is Jazmine Hayes's (www.jazminehayesart.com) first solo show in NYC. 

This site-specific installation will feature works from Hayes's ongoing series, "Bloodline" along with sculptural and written elements from the her current practice. 

"Bloodline: A Labor of Labor" questions the relationships between hair, identity, and the preservation of one’s culture in the form of hair braiding. African hair braiding has survived for centuries and can be seen as a form of cultural preservation or tradition that is passed down from mother to child, sister to sister, or friend to friend. This practice connects the identity of ones ancestral African lineage to the larger existence of black culture today. Hayes's installation reveals intimate details of hair braiding's connection to ancestry and identity while simultaneously exposing the time, labor, and physical strains that are necessary for hair braiding. 

"Bloodline: A Labor of Labor" is curated by Claire Kim.